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#2 Event - Spring Carnival
A special event to celebrate 2000 members at the Bagbeans group
Griffia is bustling right now! We have officially reached 2000 members and we could not be prouder!
To celebrate, Queen Pisum has had the Spring Carnival come to the city and set up booths and games!
You may follow the rules and play the games to win prizes and Tickets which can be turned in at the Spring Carnival Booth run by the marvelous Mircalla, she might bite but she likes tickets so do not be scared! So have a look around and check out each event and have fun participating.
DEADLINE WILL BE SET LATER ON! but for now it will last for 1 month!
This carnival is run by a lot of people, so please be patient if your entries/games are not updated right away, this group is for people around the world and our time schedule will be different. Make sure you keep a track of games you join so that you dont join more than what you have tickets for! If you
:iconbagbeans:Bagbeans 206 549
Food tasting #1 :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 365 10 Chakra -B.O.T. Page 300 :iconarven92:ARVEN92 514 177
Evoloon Trading
This is a list of everything that can be traded within the evoloon community. This will be updated as edits are made.
-Companions can be traded for other companions, eggs, or evoloons.
-Companions can be gifted
-The companion must be designed by the original owner. You may not change the design of a traded companion.
-Companions earned in an event cannot be traded until the event is over.
-If your evoloon earns an Upgrade Companion (meaish, feish, beird, flowei, ghoist, or cyboo) and trades it away, it may not earn a second one. The upgrade companions can be re-earned through trade.
-The companion can be traded to another user OR to a different evoloon owned by the same user.
To trade the companion draw the original owner giving the companion to the new owner.
-Both evoloons must be fullbody
-Either recipient can draw this image, it only has to be drawn once
This is referring to eggs earned in events only
-Eggs can be traded for companions, other eggs, or
:iconevoloons:Evoloons 16 48
Basic Companions

Each Evoloon category has their own special companion. They are pet like creatures to your Evoloons.
This is a little info of how to get and how to design them. Each of your Evoloons can earn one companion of each category. So each Evoloon can earn all six of them but you have to do new gift arts for every single companion you want to claim.
You can give them what ever color and markings you want.
There are two different official companions.
Basic Companions and Event Companions.

The Terrestial one is called Meaish Companion.
How to claim:
Meaish Companion -- Gift 80 

Your evoloon's generosity has attracted a special companion (can only be earned once)
:iconevoloons:Evoloons 19 17
Lemon :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 419 12 An Angel can dream :iconkimmie456:kimmie456 11 4 Sibling Rivalry :iconkimmie456:kimmie456 7 1 Avril Sticker :iconjifi-dawg:Jifi-Dawg 12 9 welcome back to school :iconspottedshine:spottedshine 10 0
[open] Contest/Challenge! Draw your OC
Note on the deadline: Since I didn't have much time to promote the contest the past month, the deadline will be extended  bit to give new contestants a fair chance too. Stay tuned for updates :)
Tard Attention Attention orange  As described clearly in the rules, your entry must be a new deviation, made with the challenge in mind! Asside from the fact that entering with an exhisting deviation is quite unfair towards your fellow contestants who worked very hard on creating a new piece of art, what is the point of joining a challenge if you are going to submit a drawing you didn't actually make with that challenge in mind? 
I've hit some pretty awesome milestones in the past couple of months! Both on DA and on other accounts on the big WWW. So I've decided it's time for a party! 
:iconiduna-haya:Iduna-Haya 367 852
[CE] A F T E R M A T H :icondoukz:Doukz 27 5 Koru (Approved!) :iconredmiranda1:redmiranda1 5 0 Parrot Tiger Reference Sheet [ Ever Expanding ] :iconzwaa:Zwaa 3 0 Prince Reference Sheet [ Reference Sheet ] :iconzwaa:Zwaa 4 0 Unnamed Reference Sheet [ Ever Expanding ] :iconzwaa:Zwaa 4 0
( ̄。 ̄)~zzz


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AH, no why. Vicky Holmes left the Erins.

The time to freak out would be now.

No, seriously, our goddess has fallen.

All hope is abandoned.

We're all dead.

Starclan save our gay souls.

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chompersthegoat Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
do you have a tumblr
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I've always wondered... Is your username Tobias kin, Tobia skin, Tobi as kin or to bias kin?
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(I am wearing a pusheen Shirt C: )
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